Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

more about my twitter hate.

i feel that this video captures the satanic aspects of twitter quite nicely. is this REALLY all our generation can do? come on. (as i sit here blogging about it. sigh.)

"randomly bragging about your unexceptional life."

also, if you want to hear something AWESOME, go here.

Monday, March 16, 2009

top of the mornin to ya.

happy st. patrick's day. mine will begin with some irish coffee and will probably end with some irish beer. however nothing in between those things will have anything to do with st. pat. but maybe i'll wear green. WHEN I AM LYING OUTSIDE IN 80 DEGREE WEATHER.

this is me, in ireland. at the guinness brewery.

also, i would love to see this: helvetica

Thursday, March 12, 2009

chairs, humans, twitter, and things.

once you begin to think about what i am going to say to you, you will never forget it. it will be something that will come up in your mind spontaneously for years to come. you will see new sides, get new ideas, maybe even flip flop your mind. you will think about it nine months later in ths shower. ready?

are there more chairs in the world than people? OR more people in the world than chairs?

thanks to mara, rachel, paul u., and ben - this will haunt the rest of my existence. and the world will never know. sure, ask cha cha - they have NO CLUE. it's annoying.

here's something else: i hate twitter. get a life people. no one cares that you...anything. get over yourself. (this is way harsher than i really mean. but srsly can't we come up with something else to fill our brains? it's such a fad.)

nextly (and lastly) i love florals. spring is upon my brain and i am addicted. bright colors, patterns, frilly dresses and shoes and shirts and purses and wall paper(?) and notebooks and candles.

spring break and all that it entails is welcome here. amen.

Friday, March 6, 2009


out of the million things i don't understand about the tv show lost, here is one question on my mind.

why does everybody speak english?!? this island is out in the middle of nowhere, not even close to the United States (right?). besides the french lady, eveyone just happens to be from the US.

weird. that's all. happy friday.

Monday, March 2, 2009

no time for a title.

i need to write letters to the weekend more often, because this weekend ruled.

seeing ryan adams was a dream come true. sitting in the balcony with a perfect view of everything (including mandy moore!) was incredible. i'm willing to say that he sounds even better live than on recordings. it was amazing.

then i traveled to manhattan in the terrible weather. but after running out of a whole container of washer fluid and a quick cry, i was there and ready for fun. chipotle and the end of star wars, radina's seeing good friends, stuffing myself at hu hot, o'malleys with WONDERFUL friends, etc. and the best part was all of this was done with my best friend.

best part of the weekend was getting on the highway, deciding i didnt want to leave and turning around. i came back and went to java and played cards and laughed really hard. things are just better that way.

then on the drive home in the complete dark i had some time to reflect on life. my life is so good right now, there is nothing too hard or painful or life-changing happening. but its times like these when something life-changing is bound to happen. we are not promised an easy life, and that's what i feel like i've been living. i became so aware of our morality and how in one second life could change. it was almost crippling. i think i need to be aware that life is frail, and that when times are good i can't just settle in and get comfortable. i need to move and stretch and grow. it's going to be a hard thing to learn. but i need to do it.

anyway. here's to a good week that goes by quickly. i'm ready for friday already!