Tuesday, July 28, 2009

salimos en un avion (leavin on a jetplane)

well the day is here.


we're leaving in a couple hours.
i feel nervous and flippy floppy (no i won't be on a boat).
but i've never been more excited to travel.
it's me and the cooper - takin over europe.

here we go, one more time, everybody's feelin fiiiiiine.

so for now, hasta luego estados unidos.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009


i'm HOME.
i've been to new york city & myrtle beach in one fell swoop (is that how you say that?)

like i said before, i've done so much.
and when i think about blogging,
i feel like jasmine from aladdin when she's wearing that red outfit and is stuck in the sand timer thing and sand just keeps building up and up.

and i want to tell you everything, blog world, i really do.
but there's just too much sand.
(also there is a lot of sand on my bed from unpacking. beach sand gets everywhere.)

but here is my sorry attempt, so hold on. ( i don't even have pictures yet. but soon!)

new york:
so many impressions from books, movies, plays, pictures, tv shows, etc. i felt like i knew everything about the city before i even got there. it wasn't really much different than i thought it would be, but i didn't expect to love it so much. i decided while i was there that i can practically love anywhere i travel. i desire to be caught up in everything the place has to offer and to really dig deep to make myself a part of that. sure my big camera around my neck made me feel like a tourist, but walking around central park, battery park, rockeffeler plaza and times square, i really felt like i belonged. i got coffee at dean & delucca and felt like i would run into felicity, which sadly i didn't. i got to see my favs from the today show and even be on tv! (thanks amy for watching). we rode in taxis and on the subway and walked for miles. we went to the top of the empire state building and the rockefeller building and ate in a restaurant that rotated to see the whole city. i got to see two broadway shows (lion king and billy elliot) and loved them. if it seems like a whirlwind, it was. but it was perfect.

myrtle beach, south carolina:
this trip was a lot different than new york. i had never been to new york, but my family has gone to the beach every year of my life. since my grandpa died in 2005 we haven't been back until this year. it was strange to be there without him, but it was still fun to play in the waves, build a sand turtle, eat ice cream at painter's, and do all the things we normally did. myrtle beach is full of so many memories for me, it was good to go back. when we left we drove through charlotte and my family visited where my nana and granddaddy are buried for the first time. my brother wrote a poem that made me sob, and my family prayed together around their grave. it was a much needed thing and it was good. my dad, brother, sister and i drove home - all through the night. we got back at 7 this morning. i got into bed after having slept about an hour and then woke up at noon. i still feel terrible but hopefully by tomorrow i will be good.

and NOW i am back for 4 days and then leave again. i am going to iowa for a wedding that should be off the charts, then to SPAIN. holy cow.

not to wear out the hourglass analogy, but the sand of summer is falling FAST. when i get home from spain it's back to work already. yikes. where did the time go?

lastly, how amazing is harry potter 6? i've seen it twice already.

it's good to be home.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

new york new york!

so i'm in new york city.
the big apple.

i've done SO much since we've been here.
central park, empire state building, times square, etc.

and i could say a bunch about them
i really could.
maybe even show you some sweet photos
that my new camera takes,
because they are awesome - really.

but instead i will say this.
in approximately 8 hours i will be showing my shining morning face at the today show.

so, if you happen to be up at 7
and love matt, meredeth and al....


and let me know if i get on the screen.

until next time,

Thursday, July 9, 2009

you don't have to be coy roy.

i'm so overdue for a post, geesh.
too bad i think of these things at 1 am
when i am ready to go to sleep.

instead of writing an actual post
i will just give you the table of contents
for what is to come in (hopefully) the next couple of days:

1. new camera. amazing.
2. hanging out with hispanic KCK ten year old girls.
3. trips (the lake, new york city, myrtle beach, iowa, spain - all in july.)

probably more will get in there somehow.
but, thats all for now.
i hope you're hooked,
i promise not to disappoint...actually no i don't.

if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a...change.