Sunday, October 26, 2008

october road.

manhattan is magical. fall is magical. friendships that were important to me during college are still important, and that means a lot. it's so good to have people to care about who care for you back.

like, just as an example, this guy to the left. ever since sophomore year of college we've been having fun. it's good to know that through most everything, we're still togeth. without getting too personal, we rule.

if you have a chance, i recommend the following:
-buffalo bill's pumpkin ale (SO good.)
- listening to ryan adams and ray lamontagne as you drive down I70
- watching felicity.
- playing boggle with your best friend.
- getting google reader.
- a clay mask.

that's it that's all. please enjoy the day that the Lord has made. rejoice.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

bits of good.

my two favorite numbers are 10 and 22. today is 10/22. what a good day.
on this day that only happens once a year, i would like to share many bits of good things with you.

first of all, my constand wonderings about if i have a thyroid disorder have been solved. i do. i went to a naturopathic doctor who looked at my lab results and sees that i actually DO have hypothyroidism. SO i get to take some medicine and should be feeling good in no time. i can't really believe it, it's a pretty huge blessing to have found a doctor like this.

which leads me to the next bit of good. i got accupuncture and a back adjustment FOR. FREE. from this wonderful doctor. i've been having excruciating back pain for over a week now, and he could tell by just looking at my shoulders. he said that he couldn't NOT help me. so i had needles in my back AND one in my head. it was quite an experience, and it helped sooo much.

the last bit needs no words. it was from a sweet day with a sweet dude.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the mann ranch.

this is a very fun part of my life. i get to ride horses and four wheelers, herd cattle and burn fields. it's a wonderful escape from regular life, and there is ALWAYS something great going on. especially when i get to share it with friends.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

around and back on the railroad track, number TWO! TWO!

i haven't blogged in what feels like a long time. sometimes i think about blogging, and then i remember i don't have much to say. right now i don't feel that i have much to say still...but i'm going to blog for the sake of blogging. okay?

this morning i woke up FREEZING. there was actually frost on the ground. the temperature was actually 36. people it is not easy to get out of a warm bed in a dark and freezing environment. i do it for the children though. AND free snacks in the lounge.

but this afternoon is AMAZING. sunny and warm. i am sitting on my back porch drinking french press coffee, reading breakfast of champions, and soaking in the sun. it is entering my skin and sending out tiny bits of euphoria. really, that's what is happening. "it's science". i kicked off my slippers and shed my sweatshirt. i'm one step away from jumping in the pool and pretending it's summer.

can i just become political for a few lines? i watched the third debate last night, not expecting to either 1. pay attention or 2. have my opinion change whatsoever...but i DID pay attention. and my opinion didn't change, it just got stronger. i have no respect for john mccain. he points fingers EVERY chance he gets, he has a lizard tongue and a blinking problem, and is just a dummy. not only do i think that, but i actually believe obama has a better understanding of the people in this country, and will do smart things for it. he's closer to caring about what Jesus cares about. (GASP! i don't mean abortion...i mean providing the lowest of these with opportunites for education, healthcare, and a fair chance at life) look, donald miller agrees with me, okay?

that's all. hope and peace to you.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

my family's a democrap.

if you are ever looking forward to going to a concert, make sure that i don't have tickets - because pretty surely it will get canceled.
first, it was coldplay. their tour just "wasn't ready", so we have to wait four months to see them. fine. one more reason to make november sizzler great.
but THEN my roommates and i decide to see ryan adams. i take off work the next day, i get pumped. "ryan adams and his band have the flu". seriously people!? please stop doing this to me.

anyway. i love kindergartners. for many many reasons, including this one:

the upside of life consists of watching the office tonight and a three day weekend.
and the good Lord.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

kurt vonnegut.

i absolutely recommend reading a man with no country by kurt vonnegut.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

what's mine is yours.

when you share a bathroom with someone, usually it doesn't matter if you have the same items. same conditioner, same mouthwash, same face wash... the consequences of accidentally using the wrong one are pretty low. however, things like toothbrushes can bring somewhat severe consequences.

my roommate amy and i both have oral b indicator toothbrushes, one in blue one in red. this is the kind of toothbrush i've bought for years, and i always switch up the color. normally i don't have to remember which one is mine, since my other roommate's dental hygiene products are usually completely different.

however, amy and i both keep our toothbrushes in our brush holder on the sink counter. we joked a couple weeks ago about how funny it would be if we forgot which brush was ours. CLEARLY we would know, how hard is it to remember one color?

until tonight when i went in my bathroom to brush my teeth, i noticed the red one was gone. the red one i've been using for who knows how long. i informed amy that my toothbrush was missing, only to find out she put it in her cabinet, meaning that it was hers.

WE HAD BEEN USING THE SAME TOOTHBRUSH PEOPLE. for who knows how long. and the hilarious thing is that neither of us can remember which one was actually ours to begin with. we both just assumed the red one was ours. (although if i had to guess, i would put the blame on myself...)

so i wrote my name on the blue one. hopefully i will not make this mistake again. ew.