Tuesday, April 29, 2008

don't worry, be happy.

i have decided to enjoy bob marley more.
i am making an effort to get some of his music and give it a shot.
i really feel like i would like it.
i've always just associated him with pot-smoking hippies, but i think he has more to offer.
i'm going to ride my bike to the library and check it out today.
i'll let you know.

each of those lines started with "i". let's talk about sometime else, shall we?

it's so interesting that they make cartoon characters with speech problems.
this duck on the wonderpets has a speech problem, and it's CLEARLY someone who talks normal
but is acting like they have a speech impediment. why? are you trying to teach kids that it's cool to talk like that? what if a kid has a speech impediment and then decides that since their favorite character talks like that, they don't need to learn how to talk properly? it just kind of bothers me.

live simply. i need to learn what it really means. and do it.


Friday, April 25, 2008

nights when the living room is on the lawn.

in the dark.
with an exercise ball. (not a medicine ball, just to clarify).
completely dominated tonight by some ichthusians.

it was funny because today was probably the most tired i've been in a long time. i even went to work out to try to wake up, turns out that just made me more tired. (too bad tireder isn't a word?) so i drank some delicious red bull and got my heart beat going for ichthus. i guess it just carried over to the soccer game, because i can't explain how i played that hardcore game otherwise. which by the way, don't ever play in jeans and glasses. it totally throws off your game.

tonight just felt like summer. i love that feeling of just carefree fun (and sweat). i can't wait for summer to get here. i haven't had an american summer in two years, so i am so ready to soak it up for all its worth.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

earth angel.

so i don't have much to say, but seeing as today is the twenty second, i'll write.
first of all i'll explain that reasoning. since as long as i can remember (which is like sophomore year of college) i have just loved when the date is the 22nd. no matter the month, it's just a great day.

and this 22 happens to be earth day. it's more cool than ever to go green, so let's all celebrate like never before. go crazy with the earth. plant a tree. recycle. ride your bike*. feed a squirrel. the possibilities are endless. here is just one way the celebrations never end:

i have no idea a) why the earth is a christmas ornament and b) what cats have to do with the earth. but no matter, i enjoy it.

right now i am babysitting the cutest four year old in town. we watch children's tv shows together such as handy manny. i think i love it more than he does. i especially love it more today seeing as i have had both coffee and red bull in about 1.5 hours.

*free bike repairs in the bosco plaza today.

Friday, April 18, 2008

i give up.

well, a month from today i am graduating. from college. there is no hiding from the real world anymore. i'll be shoved out and exposed, with not a single clue what i'm doing.

i feel like i've had it pretty easy thus far regarding decision making. i applied to one college and went there. i chose one major at the beginning of my freshman year and am graduating with it. anytime people would ask the (awful) question, "so what are you doing with your life?" i would smile and say, "oh, i am going to take a year off and travel and such, then go to grad school." and then smile some more and people would stop asking. but now i've discovered that a lot more goes into those things than a smile and a sentence, and have come up clueless.

i'm a high-stress person, type A if you will. i think i get it from my dad, but no matter where it comes from; i have it. high stress and cluelessness don't get along. they are actual a pretty bad mix. they make me feel that i should be in control, and at any point that i see something tangible for my future, i latch on like a leech just so that i have SOMETHING. but that's a tricky situation, especially since i want to follow what God has for my life. and sometimes i think we can create these wild ideas and try to disguise them as God's plan. we can say things like well, i can find a great church, reach people around me, etc.

and the truth is that you can do the Lord's work anywhere. people need God everywhere, but where does God need YOU? that's the real question that i've been discovering an answer too. sure you can justify any easy situation and make it appear to be for God. but if it's not his calling on your life, it's not going to go very well, no matter how great it can sound.

well, all of that is to say this: i give up. i wait. i quit making silly plans and letting the Enemy tell me that they are worth my time. because until i hear from the Lord, no plan is worth it.

i would rather wait to hear God and hear nothing, than hear a lot of lies and false promises.

so here's to having no clue, and loving (almost) every minute of it. is this true surrender?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

too old for xanga, too much of a follower not to blog.

hello world. it's been a long time since you've seen my text. i'm not too sure why i'm doing this. i don't really feel like i have important, deep thoughts OR that i am really witty, and those are the two reasons people do these things. maybe if i practice a lot i'll get good at one or both.

i think mainly the reason i decided to join the trend is boredom. you see, i've been stuck in a room in bluemont hall for a couple weeks, multiple hours a day with little to nothing to do. i am a lab monkey. i sit here in silence while people do awful tasks on the computer. and on top of that i have to make them feel stressed out as part of the experiment (which i think stresses me out more than it does them). but okay so i've tried to fill my time. homework? nope. reading? okay, i read two books in a few days. sudoku? takes like 20 seconds. thank goodness for laptops and wireless internet, am i right?

so i enter the blogging world. who knows what i will have to share with you. i could possibly just continue this post with every random thing i think of until 5pm today. but i won't.

now is when you leave your readers with something great. like a picture, or a quote.
i've got neither. told you.