Sunday, November 8, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

give & take.

i like the fact that it's light out when i wake up and get ready.
i can open the blinds and pretend birds are fluttering around getting me ready
(like cinderella)
i can sing joyously on my way to work, with sunglasses on before 8 a.m.


i hate that i get to experience about an hour of daylight after work.
leaving for class as the sun sets is not fun.

i like that the holidays are approaching.
key suffix: S

the first holiday that comes is thanksgiving people.
you remember, the time you get to stuff your face with lots of food
and then take a nap after eating too much tryptophan-filled turkey.
the holiday when we celebrate white people that came to slay the poor native americans
and then tell our little ones that they loved each other and shared a feast.
i mean, we wouldn't have popcorn without the native americans,
and they wouldn't have diseases and reservations without us.
sharing is caring.

yep, that holiday comes first.

so, pleeeeeeease do not play christmas music so soon.
i'm talking to you 98.1 KUDL and STAR 102.1
i had to take you off of my presets today
because you no longer allow me my soft rock fix.
just 'santa baby' about three weeks too early. gross.