Sunday, July 4, 2010

breakfast at wimbledon

right now im sitting in my quiet, dark living room
with pillow, blanket, and coffee in hand
watching my favorite sports event of the year.

i've loved waking up early for the wimbledon final for as long as i can remember.
usually i fall asleep if i'm watching alone,
but the matches last a long time okay?

today i'm watching my favorite tennis player from my favorite country*
rafael nadal from spain.

i think my favorite wimbledon final i've ever watched was andre agassi and andy roddick.
i used to love andy roddick when i was younger,
mostly because he was attractive and dated mandy moore
but andre was my favorite player of all time.
it was a riveting match and i was on the edge of my couch the whole time.
anyway, agassi won - but that's no matter.

the point is. i love tennis. i just do. everything, all of it.

*is that bad to say on my nation's independence day? oh well. i have spain fever.